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Flagstaff Shelter Services Receives A $2.5-Million Grant From The Bezos Day 1 Families Fund

Flagstaff Shelter Services has received a two-and-a-half million dollar grant from the Bezos Day 1 Families Fund. The grant is the largest private gift in the history of the shelter. The fund was launched in 2018 by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. It was established to give money to organizations that are helping families move from unsheltered homelessness and shelters to permanent housing with the services they require to achieve stability. Ross Schaefer, executive director of Flagstaff Shelter Services says “what excites me most is what it means for the future of the hundreds of families this will serve. The investments we will be able to make in housing, outreach, staffing and tailored wraparound programs for individuals and families are tremendous, this is only the beginning of a new chapter for our organization.” Over the past five years, the Day 1 Families Fund has provided 170 grants totaling more than $520-million to organizations around the country working to combat homelessness and help families gain housing support and stability.