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Flagstaff Not Budging To Governor Ducey’s New COVID Executive Order, Yet

City of Flagstaff

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Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order Thursday that removes local control over mask mandates and large gatherings. On Friday, the City of Flagstaff is taking a stand against that order. City officials say the order is “not in the best interest of public health and further erodes home rule.” Mayor Paul Deasy and the Flagstaff City Council say they do not plan to rescind the face covering proclamation in Flagstaff and they have requested staff to look further into this matter. The proclamation will remain in place, but will not be enforced while the city analyzes the impacts of the governor’s executive order. The city says “we encourage people to continue to wear face coverings and physically distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.” The city also says local businesses are allowed, and encouraged, to continue to require masks to enter their establishments. “If a person refuses to wear a mask, or leave your business upon a lawful request to leave, owners may request assistance from the Police Department for trespassing.” Council will take up COVID-19 restrictions and re-opening during next Tuesday’s council meeting at 3 p.m.