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Flagstaff City Council Moves Recreational Marijuana And Timber Sky Amendment To A Future Agenda

The Flagstaff City Council discussed a recreational marijuana social equity license program and a proposed fourth amendment to the Timber Sky Annexation and Development Agreement during a work session on Tuesday. The “Smart and Safe Arizona Act” was passed by Arizona voters in November and it became effective in December. This act maintains that the use of marijuana should be legal for persons 21 and older and it decriminalized the use and possession of up to one ounce of recreational marijuana by a person who is at least 21. It also allows for marijuana establishments and allows cities and towns to limit operations to licensees that are dual in terms of recreational and medicinal marijuana. Additionally, the Act prohibits the number of recreational marijuana testing facilities. In March, the City Council adopted an ordinance that enacted regulations regarding the use and sale of recreational marijuana in Flagstaff. One of these regulations prohibits the operation of recreational marijuana establishments in the city. Council decided to move forward in removing dual licensee requirements and allowing social equity license holders to operate in Flagstaff with the rationale that tax revenue will be lost if this issue isn’t tackled quickly and that public safety will be encouraged through allowing these holders to operate within city limits. Council will now need to direct staff to come back with an amendment to the ordinance. There are currently 26 social equity license holders in the state of Arizona so not all of them will operate in Flagstaff. Council also decided to move forward with a proposed fourth amendment to the Timber Sky Annexation and Development Agreement that will include an increase in the number of affordable units from 100 to 160 in one building in blocks 1, 2, 9, or 13. The developer intends to fulfill this obligation through rental, deed restriction, or Community Land Trust (CLT) units. This development agreement will be put on a vote for a future meeting.

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