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Flagstaff City Council Meets Tonight At City Hall With Goats The Main Topic Of Discussion

The Flagstaff City Council will meet tonight with goats being the main topic of discussion. Two weeks ago, Council took up a resolution and ordinance regarding backyard livestock, such as goats. The discussed revisions to the Animal Keeping Code include reducing nuisances for neighbors and make enforcement easier. The ordinance involved a permit application of $80 and prohibited pygmy and miniature goats in zones other than estate and residential and rural residential zones. One of the reasons for the ordinance was not only to reduce noise, but to reduce “greenhouse gas emissions.” Since the last meeting, city staff has come up with different options for permits and enforcement, one option including a free permit. They have also have come up with different options for keeping the goats. The public is encouraged to attend tonight’s meeting to discuss the new options that have surfaced regarding the subject. The topic will be discussed in the 6 p.m. meeting at City Hall. If you can’t attend the meeting, you can watch it online on the city’s website.

To read the ordinance, click here: