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Flagstaff City Council Decides Not To Take Sides Regarding The Israel-Hamas War

The Flagstaff City Council decided not to take a side regarding the war between Israel and Hamas. Citizen’s petitions supporting the Palestinian people and Israel came to council. The pro-Palestinian petition was put on the agenda Last night, while the pro-Israel petition was a Future Agenda Item Request. Also, a resolution councilman Jim McCarthy put forward, which asked for a cease fire in the Middle East, was also on the table. Councilwoman Deb Harris decided not support any of the measures saying picking a side would have increased tension in the city. She said: “the only thing that I know that’s going to happen, if we were to pass this resolution, was that it would further divide our community.” Harris adds, “we’ve been through that already. We don’t want to do that again.” She said she wants to help people on both sides of the issue heal and lend support. All council members thanked those who spoke at the meeting, saying open discussion on the subject was needed and appreciated. All petitions and Councilmember McCarthy’s resolution failed to pass and move forward.