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Flagstaff City Council Adopts A Voter-Approved Rezone Of Commercial Space Into Open Space Tuesday

The Flagstaff City Council adopted a voter-approved rezone of commercial space into open space by the City of Flagstaff Open Space Program Tuesday afternoon. The motion to accept the rezone carried unanimously. The Council will amend the Flagstaff Zoning Map to rezone about 300 acres of real property located at 19-hundred North Gemini Drive. This area is known as the McMillan Mesa Natural Area Overview. On July 7th, the Council adopted a resolution approving an update to the City of Flagstaff Management Plan for Legally-Designated Open Space Properties which includes this area. Following their 5-0 vote on January 12th, the Commission hopes to officially approve this rezoning subject to create a permanent open space. Concerning Priority Based Budget Key Community priorities, the rezone will provide amenities that support a healthy lifestyle and actively protect environmental resources. It will also provide community outreach, education, and volunteer opportunities. There are no financial or policy impacts affiliated with this request.

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