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Father And Son Arrested In Cottonwood For Meth Possession

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A father and son have been arrested in Cottonwood, while they were at the Verde Valley Medical Center. Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking officials say they received a call from Cottonwood Police back on March 14th, about a possible discovery of meth from a person at the hospital. Detectives were called to the hospital and made contact with 68-year-old Warren Domenick and his 24-year old son Christian. While talking with authorities, both admitted making at least three trips from Utah to Phoenix in recent months to buy meth. Warren admitted to buying the drug, but also selling it as the drugs were destined for Utah. With use of a K-9 on their car, detectives found a half-pound of meth in the vehicle. Both face multiple charges including possession of dangerous drugs for sale and transportation of dangerous drugs for sale.