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Domestic Violence Cases Spiking In Prescott Valley


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The Prescott Valley Police Department has recently experienced an increase in response to domestic violence incidents. This past weekend officers responded to nine incidents. In those incidents officers arrested six men and two women who were charged with six felony and 16 misdemeanor offenses. Two of the incidents involved the threatened use of a deadly weapon, one a firearm and the other a knife. In November 2019, Prescott Valley police responded to 23 domestic violence incidents, as compared to November 2020 when they responded to 53, which is a 130-percent increase. Comparing year over year there is an overall 16-perfect increase. Although the exact cause of this increase is not certain, current stressors like the pandemic, holidays, financial strain and others are likely suspects. If you are struggling, or know someone who needs assistance, there is help available. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233.