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College Students Can Play A Huge Role Regarding COVID-19

The next two-to-four-weeks may play a big role in what comes next regarding COVID-19. Dr. David Engelthaler from TGen North in Flagstaff joined Peter and Dave Friday morning on KAFF Country 93.5/AM 930 and says with the holiday weekend, and especially a return to college life on campus, it’s a key time for COVID-19. He says “the key demographic that transmits the virus, the 18-to-25 year olds, are all coming back together in colleges.” He adds, “this group is really who we are going to have to rely on to step up their resilience to meet in groups and have parties, just for a semester.” He says if that happens, it could go a long way. In regards to a vaccine, he says there are three currently in Stage Three trials and are undergoing extensive research. Engelthaler says “so far everything in the trials is showing very high safety and really good effectiveness.” He adds, it’s “generating antibody response and generating immune response.” He says there’s a chance we could have a vaccine for the population ready by the end of the year.

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