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Coconino County Board Of Supervisors Agree On New Redistricting Map


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The Coconino County Board of Supervisors adopted map Scenario F at their meeting Tuesday, as part of their redistricting responsibility to portion equal populations in each district.  The Board began their redistricting process in the fall of 2021.  Multiple virtual public meetings were held throughout March and the public was able to submit input until April 12th to cast comments on five proposed draft maps. Over 100 public comments were submitted, and the Board of Supervisors decided on Scenario F. The map shows five districts the county. District One covers the Hualapai and Havasupai Reservations, the Coconino Plateaus, the San Francisco Peaks, and the West-side of Flagstaff just north of Interstate-40, and west of Milton Road. District Two covers central and east Flagstaff, east of Milton road, and south of Butler Avenue, then jumping north of Route 66 to cover the east Flagstaff communities.  District Three covers Williams and north up to Highway 180, Sedona, areas northeast of Pine, and stopping east at the county line. District Four covers the east side of the County, running north of district three, east of Tuba City, and up to the Utah boarder. District Five reaches the west side of the county line, running along the Utah boarder until meeting with District Four, down west of Tuba City, all the way until meeting with the north side of District Two in east Flagstaff.  Officials say this scenario met the guidelines adopted by the board, and reflected the priorities and interests expressed during public input.

To view the new redistricting map and to see the draft maps in consideration, click here.