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Coconino County Attorney’s And Treasurer’s Offices Warning The Public About A Property Tax Scam

The Coconino County Attorney’s and Treasurer’s offices are teaming up to warn residents about a recent scam targeting property owners within Coconino County. A group calling itself “Tax Assessment Securities” is sending a false “warrant” to property owners, claiming a tax debt is due and warning that the State of Arizona will seize the property owner’s social security benefits and garnish their wages unless the debt is paid. The group then provides a toll-free number for people to call to aid in settling their debt. Residents should be aware the Coconino County Treasurer will never send a property owner a “warrant” regarding unpaid taxes and will never settle taxes owed through payment to a third party. Anyone receiving such a notice should contact the treasurer’s office directly at (928) 679-8188 to inquire about their tax status. You should never pay a third party to satisfy a tax debt.