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City Of Flagstaff To Hold A Community Meeting For Those Affected By Flooding On The Westside Of Flagstaff Thursday Night

City of Flagstaff

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The City of Flagstaff is holding a community meeting Thursday evening at 6 p.m. at Flagstaff City Hall for residents impacted by post-wildfire flooding in the Pipeline West area. During the meeting, city staff will discuss flood risks for impacted neighborhoods, how to properly install short-term emergency mitigation and planned long-term mitigations, as well as take questions from residents. The meeting is targeted for residents just from the neighborhoods of Cheshire, Valley Crest, Coyote Springs, Ridge Crest, Coconino Estates and Rock Ridge Estates. The meeting will be streamed online at the city’s website, however virtual questions will not be available for the meeting. If you live in one of the areas and you have a question, either attend the meeting or send it to info@pipelinewestflooding.com. You can also send an email to that address if you are a person with a disability and you want to attend the meeting.