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Chino Valley Man Fatally Shot In An Accidental Shooting Near Paulden

A Chino Valley man was killed over the weekend in what’s being called an accidental shooting. Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies were called to an incident on a forest service road off Highway 89, about four miles north of Paulden Sunday at around 3:30 p.m. When they arrived they found that 25-year-old Angel Perez of Chino Valley was shot, while 25-year-old Jose Cruz, also from Chino Valley, was handling a rifle after they were done with target practice. After Perez was shot, Cruz immediately began first aid until first responders arrived. Unfortunately, Perez was pronounced dead at the scene. Cruz told deputies they had just got done shooting multiple firearms. Cruz took his AR-15 rifle, he believed to be unloaded, and laid it on the tailgate of the truck they drove to the shooting range. He returned to the truck, intending to place the rifle in its case and grabbed the rifle by the empty magazine well. Perez was walking toward the tailgate and the gun fired. A round struck Perez in the mid-section. Cruz was interviewed extensively and has not been arrested. However, the case is under investigation and the county attorney could file charges at a later date.