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Campers, CCSO Deputy Credited With Saving The Life Of A Woman After A UTV Accident

Campers and a Coconino County Sheriff’s deputy are being credited with saving the life of a person involved in a UTV rollover accident over Labor Day weekend near Clints Well. The accident happened last Saturday at around 1:30 p.m. when campers and Deputy Andrew Luna responded immediately as the accident happened right in front of them. Luna was talking with campers about another incident, when the accident happened. A 19-year-old woman from Phoenix was injured when the vehicle rolled and landed on top of her. Campers were able to get the vehicle off of her as she was bleeding heavily from her left arm, which was nearly amputated in the accident. Deputy Luna quickly grabbed a tourniquet from his vehicle and applied it to the woman. Luna put her in his vehicle and drove her to a waiting ambulance, which then took her to a waiting medical helicopter that airlifted her to a Phoenix area hospital. Sheriff’s officials say she will survive the accident. Body cam video of the accident and response can be seen on the KAFF News Facebook page.