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Bear Cub Recently Rescued In Tucson, Has A New Home At Bearizona In Williams, But Questions About Him Remain

picture courtesy of Bearizona
picture courtesy of Bearizona

A bear cub recently rescued in a Tucson residential neighborhood has been brought to Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams to live. This bear, however, has an odd story. Bearizona and Arizona Fish & Game officials say the black bear weighs 15 pounds and a bear that’s four to five months old should be around 70 pounds this time of year. Game & Fish spokesman Mark Hart says “If it got separated from its mother, regardless of why in the backcountry, how did a bear that small get all of the way off the mountain?,” Hart asked. “We would have thought that a bear that size would have been picked off by a predator. A coyote, a mountain lion, or even another bear.” The cub is healthy and it doesn’t seem to have a normal fear of humans, which leads to more questions. Wildlife officials remind humans to leave wildlife alone, and don’t feed them. Bearizona has named the cub “Buddy” due to its small elf-like size. He is named after Will Ferrell’s character in the movie “Elf.” The public will be able to meet “Buddy” by December 22nd in his new area at the park.