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Average Price Of Gas Reaches $3.00 In Arizona, Thanks To Recent Cold Weather In Texas

The average price of gas in Arizona has hit the three-dollar mark, on average. The average price of gas was up over six cents a gallon to settle right at three-dollars. Triple-A Arizona spokesman Aldo Vazquez says the sharp rise in prices can be pointed in one direction. “The latest price jumps are a direct result of February’s winter storms that took 26 U.S. refineries off line,” says Vazquez. He adds, “That pushed refinery utilization from an average of about 83-percent down to an atypical low of 68-percent.” He says Arizona did experience a little bit of a gas shortage due to the weather in Texas, which tightened up the supply and led to a spike at the pumps. In Flagstaff and Prescott, gas prices are up ten-cents on average from last week to $2.96 a gallon. Some stations in both cities are selling gas for $2.85 a gallon and lower. Vazquez says March is expected to be the highest month in regards to gas prices this year, before coming back down.