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At Least Four Protests Covered Flagstaff Tuesday Night, Very Little Incidents Of Violence

Hundreds of people filled the streets of Flagstaff Tuesday night in “Black Lives Matter” protests, regarding the death of George Floyd who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer last Monday. Protests were held at Flagstaff City Hall, Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff, on Fourth Street and areas of Milton Road. KAFF News was set up at the Fourth Street location. A small group gathered just before 6:30, however the group grew to an estimated crowd of 300 people. People were chanting and cheering as passing motorists honked their horns. The group then crossed the street and down Second Avenue. A couple of protesters yelled at officers monitoring the group, but officers were fist-bumped and hugged as well. After about an hour, the group came down Fourth Street and started to block the Seventh Avenue intersection. Police then moved the group into the Greenlaw Village Shopping Center parking lot where they gathered in front of the Flagstaff Police substation in the plaza. Many people spoke to the crowd, which was split between protesters who didn’t want to loot and commit violence and a small group who did. One of those members, throw a hard object through the glass door of the substation. The dark-clothed person was told to leave and people quickly got in front of the door. The group then moved back down to Fourth Street and Route 66 and gathered. Members spoke again, showing respect to the officers that were there. One officer even said “Black Lives Matter” in a megaphone to the group, which drew a massive cheer. There were no arrests and no injuries reported. The group broke up at around 8:20 p.m. Videos of Tuesday night’s protest can be found on the KAFF News Facebook Page. We would like to thank the protesters, Flagstaff Police officers and members of the community who were there that helped keep the event peaceful and mostly free of damage.