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Arizona’s State Treasurers Ask Governor Ducey For Property Tax Deadline Extension

The state’s county treasurers, including Coconino County Treasurer Sarah Benatar and Yavapai County Treasurer Chip Davis, are urging Governor Ducey and the state legislature, to extend the deadline for paying the second half of 2019 property tax to June 1st. These property taxes were due March 1st, but per statute they are not considered delinquent, and thus no interest accrues until May 1st. Counties do not have a legal authority to extend the May 1st deadline only the governor by executive order or the legislature can do it. County treasurers have been asking for property tax relief by extending the date, so no additional interest accrues. The treasurers believe extending the deadline will help families financially so their focus can be on other needs, besides paying that bill at this time.