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Arizona Approaching 1,000 COVID-19 Deaths With Maricopa County Being A Hotspot

Arizona is approaching 1,000-deaths related to COVID-19, however the hotspot in the state is Maricopa County. State health officials say there were 15 new deaths in the state with 530 new cases. So far the state has tested over 350-thousand people with a total percent positive of 5.8-percent. There are no new deaths reported in both Coconino and Yavapai Counties Thursday with 30 new cases reported in Coconino County. With COVID-19 cases starting to level off in Northern Arizona could people start to become more relaxed, and are health officials concerned we could see a spike? Dr. John Mougin, chief quality officer with Northern Arizona Healthcare says “I think there’s a moderate level of concern, but I’m more worried about Maricopa County because we are already seeing it go up and that was more from Memorial Day.” He adds as regards to Northern Arizona, “one of the nice trends is that we’ve stayed fairly flat over the last couple of weeks, which tells me that maybe because we were so close to the pandemic in northeastern Arizona we adopted better practices as far as preventing spread from physical distancing, hand washing, etc.” Coconino County has tested just over ten-thousand people with 8,940 negative tests and 82 deaths as of Thursday.