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APS Says Problems With A Power Line In East Flagstaff Contributing To Outages

There have been a few power outages in East Flagstaff over the past couple of days. Friday’s outage affected over 35-hundred APS customers and Monday morning’s outage affected over 15-hundred. APS officials say Friday’s and Monday morning’s outages happened on the same line. A cable that runs underground and above ground faulted, in two different sections, cutting power to those areas. That line is also included in a “wildfire risk” area. Officials say that means APS crews need to sight inspect every part of the line they can, due to the possible of a wildfire threat. Once crews found the problem, they were able to fix it and get power back on. The line is an older line so crews are trying to repair and fix the line in the area. There was another outage Monday afternoon, but it wasn’t connected to the ongoing issue. A non-APS contractor was digging, doing work not affiliated with APS, and accidentally hit the line. APS apologizes for the outages and assures customers the work being done will make for a stronger line and less outages in the future.