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A Fossil Thousands Of Years Old Found In The Grand Canyon

There has been a historical discovery at the Grand Canyon. Officials say in 2016, Norwegian geology professor, Allan Krill, was hiking with his students on the Bright Angel Trail when he discovered a boulder containing suspicious fossil footprints. He took a photo and sent it to paleontologist Steven Rowland at UNLV. Rowland says the tracks are “by far the oldest vertebrate tracks in the Grand Canyon.” He adds,“they are among the oldest tracks on Earth of shelled-egg laying animals, such as reptiles, and the earliest evidence of vertebrate animals walking around in sand dunes.” Researchers have pinned down the age of the tracks to around 313. Researchers say the animal that made the tracks is like a dog or a cat, however they said they had no information on those animals being in the Canyon that far back. For more information on fossil’s in the Grand Canyon, log onto the Grand Canyon National Park’s fossil page.