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A 200-To-500 Year Rain Event Hits The Museum Fire Burn Scar, Sending Feet Of Water Into Parts Of Flagstaff

A severe Monsoon storm sent flood waters into some Flagstaff area neighborhoods Tuesday afternoon. A storm developed right over the San Francisco Peaks and didn’t move, dumping inches of rain over the Museum Fire burn area. The storm dumped two-to-three inches of rain on the burn scar in about an hour, in what Coconino County officials are calling a 200-to-500 year rainfall event. A river of muddy water, littered with branches, rocks, tree limbs and trash cans floated down Main Street in Sunnyside. The water eventually made it to Route 66, where traffic had to be shut down between Fourth Street and Ponderosa Parkway. City and county work crews were on standby to start the clean up process once flood waters receded. Cedar Avenue was closed from West to Fourth Street and Butler Avenue was also closed at Fourth Street during the flooding. Students at FUSD schools were sheltered in place for a while until flood waters started to come back down. Killip Elementary School is closed Wednesday after flood waters made its way into the school, leaving mud behind. Flood waters left a lot of mud behind through the streets of Sunnyside and on Fourth Street. There was also flooding reported homes in the Cheshire area, the southside and other parts of the city. We could see a repeat of yesterday later on today.