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A Domestic Violence Suspect From Cornville Turns Himself In To Authorities

A man wanted in connection with a domestic violence incident Thursday in Cornville turned himself in to authorities Saturday morning. Thirty-year-old Jacob Alonso Ramirez assaulted his girlfriend inside a home in the ten-thousand block of East Storey Drive. The assault involved Ramirez attempting to choke her while smothering her nose and mouth with a blanket. She was also thrown into a television, which was later found damaged. Ramirez also took her cell phone after she tried to call 911. When she found another phone to call, Ramirez took it and broke it in half. A young child was in the home at the time of the assault and was not physically injured. The victim left the house Friday morning while Ramirez was asleep and called authorities. When authorities arrived at the home, Ramirez had left. He is being booked into the Camp Verde Detention Center on charges related to the incident.

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