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YCSO Investigators Nab Burglary Suspect In Chino Valley

A man has been arrested in connection with a Cordes Lake burglary that took place in mid-December. Yavapai County Sheriff’s officials say the burglary took place back on December 15th when the victim had been away from the house for several days. Upon return, a person living in the home, 22-year-old Garrette Remington, had moved out of the home and apparently took several guns in the process. The victim text messaged him and Garrette denied involvement and said he moved to California. Then on December 28th, Garrette contacted investigators repeating his claim. Then on December 30th, a tip led investigators to a Chino Valley home where Garrette was staying. He again denied any involvement. A search revealed several of the stolen guns, along with a video game console he allegedly stole as well. Garrette eventually admitted involvement in the burglary, but blamed the idea on another person. Garrette was booked on charges of burglary, theft of a firearm and 19 counts of theft. He remains in custody on 25-hundred dollars bond.