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Woman In Groom Creek Arrested After Assaulting A Camper On Horseback Last Weekend

YCSO received a report this weekend of a woman in Groom Creek, identified as 62-year-old Alexandra Grace Ariston, who allegedly assaulted a camper on horseback, seriously endangering the rider. Ariston refused to cooperate or identify herself, claiming sovereignty. When deputies arrived to detain her, she actively resisted arrest but with the help of an off-duty police officer on scene, was placed in the back of the deputy’s vehicle. There were two cats needing to be picked up, and YCSO Animal Control was called out to get them. During this time, the detaining deputy opened the back door to the vehicle the suspect was in, and she kicked him in the chest, causing another altercation to get her under control, which spooked one cat that was unable to be recovered. When the Animal Control officer found the spooked cat, it clawed him significantly, causing three long lacerations. Ariston was booked on charges including disorderly conduct, assault, and aggravated assault on law enforcement, resisting arrest, and failure to identify.

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