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Woman Arrested After Forging Documents Saying She Was Renting A Prescott Home

A woman was arrested recently after faking a lease agreement to live in a Prescott home. Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home in the 13-hundred block of West Quartz Road back on November 23rd. A deputy met with the property owners who say a family was living there and claimed they were renting the house. The owners, who live in Phoenix, say they didn’t have anyone renting the home. Deputies contacted a man and woman who was moving into the home. The woman, 45-year-old Stephanie Heinrich showed deputies a rental agreement with a move in date of November 1st 2019 and ending on November 1st, 2030. She told the deputy she leased the house from the son of a man she had cared for who recently passed away. Heinrich said she worked as a nurse at a local hospital. The agreement contained a Prescott attorney’s office and a signature. The office said they didn’t know the couple. After an investigation, deputies went back to the home. A short time after they arrived, Heinrich arrived and admitted to forging the documents. She said her family was struggling and didn’t know what to do. Heinrich was arrested and booked into the Camp Verde Detention Center on four counts of forgery and fraud. She remains in jail on 75-thousand dollars bond.

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