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Two More Mountain Lions Killed In Prescott, A Fourth Is Still At Large

Arizona Game and Fish officials had to kill two more mountain lions this week after a pet owner reported a lion attacked his dog in a backyard in Prescott. Wildlife officers fatally shot a lion in a northwest neighborhood Sunday after the incident with the dog, and when it acted aggressively toward the owner. Officials say that lion was an adult female between three-and-five years old and was in a group of four that have been seen in the area the past few weeks. Two other mountain lions in the pack, were also killed one on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday. The fourth lion is still at large. The two additional lions that were killed may be adult-sized offspring to the female lion shot on Sunday. Officials say these lions have become a threat to other animals and humans after these incidents. If residents see a mountain lion in areas of human development, or exhibiting unusual or aggressive behavior, call Arizona Game and Fish at (623) 236-7201. For tips on avoiding contact with mountain lions and other wildlife, or on what to do if you encounter a mountain lion, go to

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