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Two Arrested After Deputies Seized 15 Pounds Of Meth In Cordes Junction

Two men were arrested Tuesday after Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies seized 15 pounds of meth during a traffic stop on Interstate-17 in Cordes Junction. Deputies stopped a silver Chevrolet car on northbound I-17 at around 11 a.m. Both men didn’t speak English, so a deputy who spoke Spanish was called to the scene. Deputies noticed the men were extremely nervous during the stop. The driver agreed to let deputies search the car, denying anything illegal was inside. Deputies found a large cardboard box labeled “potatoes” in the trunk. Inside the box contained a black trash bag with 15 one-pound bags of meth inside. Deputies arrested 18-year-old Siebel Giovanni Carrillo Olivas and 20-year-old Axel Agustin Olivas Carrillo, both from Mexico. They were booked on drug charges and remain in custody.

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