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Tunnel Fire Evacuees Returning Home, Highway 89 Reopened

Those evacuated from the Tunnel Fire on Tuesday are returning home.  All evacuated areas have been shifted into “SET” status, so residents will still have to be aware of the ongoing fire. The Coconino National Forest has closed areas affected by the Tunnel Fire.  Highway 89 reopened in both directions at noon.  All members of the public are reminded to be cautious of the increase in traffic in firefighting apparatus and closure of the forest along Highway 89 in and around the fire area.  As residents return, you should be aware of some expected by-products of wildfire, such as smoldering stumps and sinkholes are normal. Should you observe hazardous tree or structure issues, we ask you to contact the appropriate agency on their non–emergency numbers to address these problems. If you observe any emergency issues such as spot fires or immediate threats to yourself or the community, contact 911. 

Dave talked with Coconino County spokesman Trey Williams about the re-entry process and the next steps.  Click here:

Dave talked with Coconino County Sheriff Jim Driscoll about Sunday’s re-entry and how evacuees have to stay alert while the Tunnel Fire is still a threat.  Click here:

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