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Thermoses with Traces of Meth Confiscated During A Traffic Stop in Chino Valley

A green metal thermos with a black lid with a long white straw sticking out of the lid.
Courtesy of Yavapai County Sheriff's Office

Two people were arrested Friday on drug charges in Chino Valley. During a traffic stop early Friday morning, a Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office detective confiscated three thermos-like containers containing a liquid that tested positive for methamphetamine. All three containers had straw-like hoses sticking out of the lids away from the top of the containers, which YSCO said is consistent with vent hoses to release hazardous gases away from the container. The 55-year-old driver denied manufacturing methamphetamine, and the 54-year-old passenger had a fentanyl pill. Both were arrested and charged with manufacturing a dangerous drug, and both were arrested previously by PANT detectives in 2022.

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