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The Goldwater Institute Has Filed Over $23-Million In Claims Against Flagstaff Over High Occupancy Housing Plan

The Goldwater Institute has filed over $23-million in claims against the city of Flagstaff, from over 50 properties, over its High Occupancy Housing Plan. The Institute claims the plan’s “sweeping regulations that deprive a wide variety of property owners, including families and small businesses, of their right to decide what to do with their land.” The claims are being made under Arizona’s Private Property Rights Protection Act, or Prop 207. Institute Executive Vice President Christina Sandefur says “the city can avoid financial liability, restore property rights, and encourage economic development by rethinking its excessive restrictions and allowing Flagstaff residents to exercise their legally protected right to private property.” The Institute claims thousands more may have the same claims under state law. When asked for a comment from the city, officials say “the city attorney’s office has received the demand letters and are reviewing them.” The city had no further comment.

Click here for the High Occupancy Housing Plan.

Click here for the full announcement from the Goldwater Institute:

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