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The Flagstaff City Council Will Discuss COVID, Noise And 4FRI At Tuesday’s Meeting

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The Flagstaff City Council will hold a meeting Tuesday at City Hall. Council will consider a resolution and ordinance called “Nuisance Noise Code Amendments.” The ordinance would set up a penalty for those breaking decibel levels from a home, business or vehicle. Council will also receive a COVID-19 update and the public release of a draft of the Active Transportation Master Plan. Members will also discuss the recent cancellation by the U.S. Forest Service regarding the 4FRI RFP cancellation for Phase Two. The meeting starts at 3 p.m. at City Hall, with limited seating. You can also watch the meeting online on the City of Flagstaff’s webpage.

Click here to read the amendments to the city’s “Nuisance Noise Code.”

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