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The Flagstaff City Council Tentatively Adopts A New 2024-2025 Fiscal Year Budget

The Flagstaff City Council unanimously tentatively adopted the city’s Fiscal Year 2024-2025 budget at its meeting Tuesday afternoon at City Hall. The city’s total is over $579-million dollars, which is a nearly seven-and-a-half percent increase from last year. Among the items in the budget include an additional five-million dollars into employee investment. The investments will increase starting pay for new city employees, along with market adjustments to current employees’ pay. The city will maintain the cost share for all medical plans and new holidays are being added. Council will hold a public hearing for the budget and tax levy, on June 18th, with the final vote on the budget taking place on Tuesday, July 2nd.

To look at the details of the budget, click here:

To read the entire budget, click here: 

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