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The Flagstaff City Council Discussed Future COVID-19 Mitigation Plans Tuesday

The Flagstaff City Council discussed adjustments to future phases of their COVID-19 mitigation plan at their Tuesday work session. City staff gave four basic recommendations for adjusting the plan, which included an increase in the limit of individuals per field from 30-to-50 in Spring sports. Council decided to raise the limit to 100 per field. Council also decided to raise the capacity at the Jay Lively Activity Center to 50 people. The council also discussed using a “capacity calculator” to determine how many people would be allowed at outdoor events as vaccination and immunity rates increased, which was an idea praised by public commenters Matt Ziegler and Art Babbott. Some Council members expressed a desire to increase the current proposed limit beyond 50 people per field, but Mayor Paul Deasy wanted to wait until later in April to get more data on COVID cases to “make a more educated guess,” on such limits. Little came up directly regarding Governor Ducey’s executive order that removed local control for mask mandates, but Councilmember Austin Aslan criticized it as an “inappropriate action.”

Nicholas Bratcher

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