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The Flagstaff City Council Approve Leasing Property And Adopts 10 Year Housing Plan

The Flagstaff City Council approved leasing property and adopted a ten-year leasing plan Tuesday night. Council approved a lease option agreement with Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona for 17-hundred East Sixth Avenue on Tuesday. This lease option will affect city land north of the skate park in the Sunnyside neighborhood. Previous attempts to develop the parcel were unsuccessful, but resulted in a rezone and previously approved cite plan. Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona plan to build eleven, three-bedroom apartments on the property with the community gardens on the site being relocated to an adjacent plot. The motion to approve the lease option agreement carried unanimously. Council also discussed its ten-year housing plan. The goal of this plan is to help community members achieve housing affordability and halve the community’s affordable housing need over the next ten years. A resolution to adopt the plan passed unanimously, with Mayor Paul Deasy mentioning what a community-driven initiative the plan has been. He also thanked the Flagstaff community and the housing commission for their efforts towards the plan. Funding for this plan will derive from agency grants, community partners, and general obligation bonds.

Culley Enborg

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