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The Coconino County Board Of Supervisors Approve A Transfer Of Funds To Help Flood Mitigation Efforts

The Coconino County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the immediate transfer of five-million dollars from the General Fund’s emergency reserve to the County’s Flood Control District to address the ongoing costs of flood response and mitigation in the Schultz-Pipeline and West Pipeline flood areas. The funds are necessary for the Flood Control District’s response to severe and repetitive post-wildfire flash flooding in multiple watersheds driven by the Schultz, Tunnel, and Pipeline Fires. So far, flooding has impacted the Timberline, Wupatki Trails, and Doney Park areas as well as the west side of Flagstaff. The Flood Control District’s implemented mitigation efforts have begun to outpace available funds. The money is considered a loan, and it will make sure the District’s efforts continue unabated. As the annual Monsoon season is expected to last through September, with the possibility of daily rainfall, the County Manager’s Office and Flood Control District believe the continued costs of flood mitigation could exceed the costs of the aftermath of the Schultz Fire in 2010, which were $5.6-million. These areas have already sustained numerous flood events and 17 emergency alerts have been issued as of Wednesday morning.

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