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Texas Woman Finds Flagstaff Couple Who Saved Her Life After Horrific Accident In March

A woman from Amarillo, Texas was looking for a man named Luke and his girlfriend, from Flagstaff, who helped save her life after a horrific car accident. On March 10th, Christina Johnson was in an accident with a semi truck on Interstate 40, about 18 miles away from the border between Texas and New Mexico. The couple was on their way back to Flagstaff and stopped to help. Johnson said she had felt close to dying and was seeing white when the couple arrived. She remembers Luke putting pressure on her wounds, talking with her until the ambulance arrived and using her bloodied cell phone to contact her husband.  Earlier this week, she was reunited with the people who saved her life.  Christina posted on Facebook saying “I found Lucas and Alisa!! They are such amazing humans!”  Channel 12 in Phoenix got everyone together on Zoom to “meet” for the first time since the accident.

Daisy Johnston

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