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Summit Fire And Medical Board Hears From Residents About The Future Of Two Fire Stations In Doney Park

The Summit Fire and Medical District Board heard from residents Thursday night about an impending decision to close one of two fire stations in Doney Park. The District contracted with a third party to complete a response analysis, completed a fiscal study for the East Side Restructure Project and has been gathering response data for the past two years. All this information, in addition to the public input, will be used to assist with the decision on which station will remain open for operations. The board is considering choosing either Station 32 on Koch Field Road or Station 33 on Highway 89 North as the long-term location of operations. Most of those who commented at the meeting, chose Station 33 as the one to stay open. Neither location will be permanently removed from the District’s authority as a result of this decision. A decision on which station survives is expected next month.

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