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Strong Thunderstorms Flooded Areas Of Downtown Flagstaff, And In Wuptaki Trails Sunday

Strong thunderstorms dropped over an inch of rain in about an hour in several locations Sunday, which flooded areas of downtown Flagstaff and in Wuptaki Trails north of Flagstaff. Flood waters caused problems on Milton Road from West Route 66 to the Butler Avenue intersection. Flood waters also collected under the railroad bridge, which forced officials to close Milton Road between Butler Avenue and Humphries for a few hours. Flooding was reported in the southside area of Flagstaff near NAU and on Leroux in downtown. Flooding also took place off the Pipeline and Tunnel fire burn scars in the Wuptaki Trail neighborhood. Flood waters carried water and debris from the burn areas through the neighborhood, leaving behind a lot of mud, rocks, tree debris and more. Flood waters also crossed Highway 89, however the highway was never closed. Flooding is not totally unexpected in the areas it did Sunday. Improvements of the Rio de Flag flood control area are in the early stages, and flooding was expected off the Pipeline and Tunnel fire burn areas. What was pleasantly surprising is the storm didn’t affect the Museum Fire burn area. Heavy rain fell to the west and south, but didn’t really touch the burn scar. Residents in flood prone areas need to be prepared for flooding, especially if you live in flood prone areas. The Monsoon season is underway with a chance of showers and thunderstorms through the week.

For flood information for the Pipeline Fire Burn Area, click here:  

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