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All Residents Of Timberline Allowed To Return To Their Homes

Evacuation orders were lifted Wednesday for all of the Timberline neighborhoods and businesses affected by the Pipeline Fire. The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office says conditions in Timberline have improved and are safe to allow residents to return to their homes. However, everything that was in “Go” is still in “Set.” People in “Set” are still required to be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice if conditions change. The area will remain closed to non-residents until 6 p.m. Residents need to bring identification with them, or a way to prove residence in the area. The remaining areas in “Go” are areas on the northern end of the Pipeline Fire and those affected by the Haywire Fire. The Sheriff’s Office says Highway 89 will remain closed until further notice due to smoke and the risk of damaged trees falling onto the highway.

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