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Senate President Karen Fann Releases A Statement Claiming Threats Are Being Made Against Legislators In Connection With The Election Audit

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann released a statement Friday talking about threats that have been made against legislators and their families over the Maricopa County election audit, which was conducted after claims of widespread election fraud from the 2020 presidential election were made. The Prescott senator said “no matter where a person stands on the issue of an audit, or any other matter of public policy, making a threat to a legislator or their family is completely unacceptable.” She adds, “I understand passions run high on the issue of voter integrity, but personal attacks and threats of violence cross the line. Members of the Legislature receiving threats will report any acts of intimidation or aggression to the authorities. Differences of opinion should not lead to a breakdown in civility.” The firm that conducted the audit, Cyber Ninjas, is expected to submit its full draft report this week. It had been delayed for several weeks after audit leader and Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan tested positive for COVID-19, along with two other members of the five-person team. The report could come out as early as Wednesday.

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