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Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into A Fatal Shooting In Cottonwood

A routine traffic stop turned into an officer-involved shooting in Cottonwood back on April 12th. Police say an officer pulled over a vehicle for driving without headlights and following another vehicle too closely. After stopping, the suspect, 32-year-old Donovan Jelicich of Cottonwood, got out of the vehicle, despite being ordered to stay inside by the officer. After a short conversation, Jelicich attacks the officer without warning. The two began to wrestle, with one of the suspect’s arms around the officer’s neck. During the struggle, the suspect tries to take the officer’s gun. The two fall down a nearby embankment, where the officer requests backup and shoots Jelicich with his Taser, but is ineffective. The suspect then grabbed a large rock and hit the officer in the side of the head, causing him to fall on his back. The officer then fired a single shot from his gun, hitting Jelicich. The officer immediately began to tend to the suspect. The officer received multiple injuries to his head and eye. Jelicich was taken to Flagstaff Medical Center where he passed away.


To watch the Dash and Body Cam footage of the incident, click here:  Warning: the video contains language and violence.

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