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Relative Of President Teddy Roosevelt Donates Money To NAU To Purchase A Ranch Near Williams

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The great-granddaughter of President Theodore Roosevelt has donated money to Northern Arizona University, so the school can buy the 300-acre Hat Ranch near Williams. Joanna Sturm gave the money to NAU, then NAU turned around and bought the land from ranch owner Kristie Miller. Both women want to see a continuation of the ranch’s 200-year-old legacy of education and conservation. The ranch is home to many historical stories. Hat Ranch was where President Franklin Roosevelt planned his political future in 1932. It was also home to Arabian horses and was known as the largest horse training operation of the breed in the U.S. It also was a place where then 16-year-old George W. Bush, had his first job. The ranch is also known as the Quarter Circle XX Ranch. NAU plans to use the ranch for creating opportunities to study and research ecology, conservation, astronomy and sustainability.

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