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Quick Thinking By Seligman Fire Personnel Save A Dog’s Life After It Was Shot Saturday Morning

Seligman Fire personnel administered life saving techniques to save a dog’s life after it was shot Saturday morning in the Bridge Canyon area near Seligman. When a fire crew and Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene they found the dog, Saphire, being held by her owners. Seligman Fire loaded up Saphire into their truck and took her to the fire station. Once there, they found that Saphire was shot through the mouth and out the neck. The injury was causing Saphire to breathe in and out through her nose, but blood was draining into her lungs. Quickly, fire personnel constructed a breathing tube to insert down her nostril, bypassing the wound, to provide air. Her owners then took her to Yavapai Emergency Hospital in Prescott Valley for treatment. YCSO officials say Saphire is in good condition and expected to survive. There is currently no suspect in connection to the shooting.