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Prescott Valley Police Have Been Busy Fighting Drug Abuse This Year

The Prescott Valley Police Department has been busy when it comes to fighting drug abuse since January. Since the beginning of 2021, the department has had 16 drug overdoses, with Narcan being administered ten times. Sadly, there was one overdose death. During the time period, officers made 82 drug arrests. Officials say meth is still the number one abused drug in Arizona, followed by Fentanyl. Other common drugs are heroin and oxycodone. Drug dealers are also utilizing social media, such as Snapchat and Facebook, to market drugs, which makes sales harder to track. According to the Partners Against Narcotic Trafficking, there has been a marked increase in drug use by teenagers, who are mostly using prescription pills, but have been laced with Fentanyl or other illegal drugs. If you see suspected drug use, please report it to the Prescott Valley Police Department, or your local law enforcement agency.

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