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Prescott Valley Police Department Asking For Kid’s Help In Naming New Mascot

The Prescott Valley Police Department will be getting a new mascot beginning in June. The new mascot will picture a bear wearing a police uniform and hat. Prescott Valley Police is asking kids ages kindergarten through third grade who are Prescott Valley residents to help name the new furry “officer.” Entry forms are available at the police department between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or by emailing PoliceCPO@PrescottValley-AZ.Gov. Entries can be dropped off at the police department, or sent back to that same email by May 29th. The new mascot’s name and the creator of the name will be announced on June 16th. The creator of the mascot’s name will get a tour of the police department and police cars and get to meet the new mascot.