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Prescott Valley Is Asking Residents To Chime In On Its Microtransit Plan

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The Town of Prescott Valley is seeking the public’s input on naming and other portions of its microtransit plan. Microtransit offers transportation in smaller vehicles shared by other riders, with flexible routing and/or scheduling. Rides can be reserved or booked by an app or via a call center. The plan, paid for with CARES Act dollars, is slated to begin service in Prescott Valley the first year, and possibly expand within the community or outside of the Town in years two or three. The Town, which has gained approval for Federal funding, is now in the process of naming and branding the service, purchasing vehicles, and selecting an operations and software vendors. During Spring of 2022, the town plans a “road show” to introduce the service and the transit vehicles to the community. For more information log onto the Town of Prescott Valley’s website.

To take the survey, click here:

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