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Phase One Of The Schultz Creek Watershed Restoration Project Nears Completion

Phase One of the Schultz Creek Watershed Restoration Project is nearing completion as the start of the Monsoon season continues to run late. After the 2022 Pipeline Fire severely burned parts of the Schultz Creek watershed, the subsequent post-wildfire flooding through Schultz Creek resulted in massive amounts of erosion and repetitive flooding in Flagstaff neighborhoods. The five-point-four million dollar Schultz Creek Watershed Restoration Project will mitigate the impacts of post-wildfire flooding in this area. The first phase of the project is taking place just above the City of Flagstaff detention ponds that were built just after last summer’s flooding. The project applies a watershed restoration technique known as “plug and spread.” The technique reduces downstream sediment and slows erosion. As an integral part of the greater flood mitigation system in Schultz Creek, this project will complement the City of Flagstaff Detention Basins and the Highway 180 Crossing project, both of which have been pursued to mitigate post-wildfire flooding. Phase Two, which will consist of upstream channel stabilization, is expected to begin this fall. The Schultz Creek area is a popular recreation site with important wildlife habitat untouched by the Pipeline Fire, and the need to preserve these values factored directly into the projects design and implementation.

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