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Northern Arizona Counties Are Seeing A Rise In COVID Cases

Coconino, Yavapai and Navajo counties are seeing a high number of cases of COVID’s strain of BA-5. Even though this new variant is very contagious, it is much different than the Delta or the original Omicron variant. Dr. David Englethaler from TGen North says there is good news with the new variant. He says, “it is a much milder version of the virus, there’s no doubt about it.” Englethaler adds, “hospitalization numbers are up, but almost all of those are for observation or are people in the hospital for something else and they test positive for COVID.” As for ICU numbers, “the percentage of people in ICU is actually at its lowest since the beginning of the pandemic.” Engelthaler says in Coconino County, we are averaging about a death a month from COVID, as opposed to seeing sometimes up to ten deaths a day at the height of the pandemic. With that said, Englethaler says this is still a dangerous virus for the highest-risk people, primarily those over 70 years old and they should get vaccinated.

To hear Thursday’s interview with Dr. David Englethaler in it’s entirety, click here: 

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