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New Soil Burn Severity Map Shows The Most Damage From The Pipeline Fire Was Done On The Western Side

The BAER team on the Pipeline Fire has completed its soil burn severity map, with the most damage done closest to the start of the fire. The team says 1,315 acres burned at a high severity, which was mostly on the east side of the San Francisco Peaks down to near Shultz Pass Road, on the western side of the fire. The majority of the Pipeline Fire produced low to moderate burn severity. Low severity was found in just over 15-thousand acres, which was mostly on the eastern side of Highway 89. Over 91-hundred acres were deemed a “moderate” burn, which mostly was on the Schultz and Tunnel fire burn areas. BAER officials say 1,310 acres of soil went unburned, which was mostly in the Timberline neighborhood. The BAER team will use the burn map as an analysis tool to estimate post-fire erosion with subsequent sediment delivery, stream flows and debris flow probabilities. You can see the map at

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